How To Search For a New Job When Still Employed

Ever been in the position where you want to search for a new job, but you currently work? Trust me when I say that I've been there and I've done that.

Looking for a new job when you're already employed can be a challenge. When do you have the time to fill out so many job applications and to actually interview? It's doable, but it takes a bit of strategic coordinating of your schedule to make it happen.

Most employers understand already that you wouldn't want to compromise your position without landing a new gig in its place. So here's what you do:

Apply For Jobs AFTER Work
I know it's pretty tempting to go on Indeed and do a quick job search during down time, but don't do it at work. Most employers have access to your browsing history and can see what you're looking at and when you're looking at it. Arrange time on your off days to research employment opportunities that won't get you fired.

Schedule Meetings During Your Lunch Break
You may ocassionally get asked to do a phone interview before coming in for an actual interview. If possible, schedule this interview when you're on a lunch break. You wouldn't want to take a personal call in the middle of your work day. That becomes suspicious when you're having to leave the building briefly to take a phone call. Do it during a time that you'd normally be leaving the office anyway.

Keep It a Secret
I don't care how long you've worked with Jan in Accounting. You need to be very discreet about your job search. Even the slightest hint that you're looking for other work could be potentially harmful.

Arrange Interviews On Off Days
If you work Monday-Friday, this can be a challenge. Sometimes you may have to take a day off to do this. Can you imagine trying to prepare for an interview when you still have to be at work? It's best to have a day to clear your mind and focus only on the company you're interviewing with.

Use Your Phone
Did you know that most job boards have an app you can download to your phone? Use your phone to do a job search. Anything that will avoid you from using your work computer is a plus.

Communicate Via Email
This one can be hit or miss. It really depends on the vibe you get from your potential employer. I have communicated to the interviewer my current work schedule. That way, they are more than understanding if I am unable to respond to their phone call immediately. I have had a few communicate to me via email on any information that they needed to pass along during work hours.

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