5 Reasons You Should Apply With a Staffing Agency

You all have heard this story before. I struggled with finding a job after college and the years in between. I filled out so many applications, went to several interviews, and it just seemed as though I couldn't land a foot in the door. But it was one day that I was surfing through the Indeed job search that I found an advertised position through a staffing agency.

Initially, I didn't understand how it worked. I thought what's the point of a company hiring a company to do the hiring for them. But I cannot stress enough how many times I have gotten a position through a staffing agency.

I had better luck in my job search the moment I registered with an agency, also known as a temp service. Most of these agencies offer a variety of staffing positions. They can range from working a full-time or part-time temporary position. Or, they can decide (if they like you) to bring you to work with them permanently.

There is such a stigma that when working through a staffing agency, the pay won't be great or you won't have much stability with the employer. But truthfully, I've found that the pay has been pretty fair and you end up working with the employer long term. I have friends that began as a temp and are currently working full-time PERMANENTLY with the company they were assigned to.

I think working through a staffing agency is a great fix for those that are looking for additional work, wanting to get back into the working field, or just needs to be introduced to a company to get a foot in the door. Here are a list of reasons you should consider applying through a staffing agency:

They Do The Job Hunt For You
When you register through a staffing agency, you are usually required to take a series of test to determine your skills and qualifications. It usually entails a typing test, knowledge using Microsoft Office, and maybe even a math test. The recruiter will assess your resume, and match you based upon your skill set. All you have to do is give them the information and they connect you to the job.

There is a bit of flexibility when working through a staffing agency. All communication goes through your recruiter, not the company you are assigned to. Therefore, in most cases, some of the company rules you are assigned to may not apply to you. That 8:00 AM mandatory employee meeting may not apply to you because you're a temp.

You Get Paid Every Week
Each agency that I have worked for (and I have worked with a lot) pays every week. This was a plus for me because I felt like I always had money coming in. I didn't have to wait another week before a paycheck came in.

You Get Hired On Fast
I have had a staffing agency call me Friday afternoon to start a job on Monday morning. Staffing agencies can be quick when they've found the right fit for you. If you've been registered and filled out the appropriate paperwork to be hired on, there's no in between on starting.

You Find New Opportunities You Never Heard Of
I've lived in Charleston my entire life and some of the companies I have worked for I never knew existed. The staffing agencies have introduced me to a plethora of companies here in the area. Some of which I was able to connect with the supervisors after my assignment was completed. I have worked with tech companies, construction, education, and even court offices.


  1. Good points, and all very true! I've been hired to a permanent position from a temp service staffing before as well!

  2. Yes a man power company is great for starting your career so you get some experience. But I know that they take a very big commission for the job they are doing for you.

  3. Interesting, I never applied or worked with the staffing agency but the benefits are worth it. Agree with flexibility and great that they pay you every week. What could be better than that