Finding Positivity in Negative Circumstances

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Last month, I got into my first ever fender bender. I consider myself a very careful driver. So, I was extremely disappointed about getting into this small hiccup. I was big mad. I was so mad that I was letting it consume me.

How could you be so careless? How could you not see the other car? Look what you've done!

Yes, I was very hard on myself because my car is still new to me. You know how you are with new things. You're extra careful. You take special care of it. I just purchased my vehicle five months prior to my collision. It still has that new car smell. I still park away from other vehicles. I'm not ashamed to say that I took care of my car and was upset when I hadn't been extra careful.

The incident happened one day after work. I stopped into a Walgreens before picking up my son. I got back into my vehicle, place my car in reverse, checked behind me, proceeded to back out of my parking space, and BAM.

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I put my car into park, stepped out of my vehicle to find a dent in my bumper.

Damnit, my new baby!

I couldn't think about anything else accept the eye sore on the back end of my car. I was furious with myself, and obsessed over the little details leading to that point. I kept replaying the incident to figure out what I could have done differently. But then I heard a small voice come to me to say, "Be thankful that you're OK."

Getting into any accident whether big or small can shake you up a bit. But I was overlooking the part that I walked away more than OK. As a society, we tend to fixate on trivial and materialistic things. Here I was kicking myself in the ass for a fender bender when I should be giving praise that I walked away without so much as a scratch to my body.

I had to find the positives in the circumstances to get over it.

My car isn't completely totalled. The damage can be fixed. It is still in great running condition. I was able to drive away from the situation. And the biggest part I had to acknowledge...I thanked God that my son wasn't in the car with me.

Sure, the situation itself sucks. But the positives definitely outweighed the negatives. I promised myself going forward that I won't dwell too much on the very things that seem so horrible in that moment. If I can name at least 5 great things to take away from the situation, well then I'm still winning.

Finding Positivity In Negative Circumstances


  1. I love this. Be thankful that you're OK. So true.

  2. I also beat myself up about things like this. It's so hard to let it go, but holding onto it takes such a toll.

  3. I enjoyed your post a lot. My latest post is also about finding the positive even in the worst of situations. It's important to see the glass always half full!

  4. Oh boy, I can relate to this so much! I got into an accident myself; one month after buying a car. ONE MONTH! I was so upset that I started crying in the middle of the highway. Just know that you are not alone and it happens. How you came out of the accident and what you learned from the experience is very important and I think you are definitely focusing on the right thing!

    1. Oh man...ONE MONTH? That definitely had to be a tough one. But great thing you're OK.

  5. Perspective is so important! Having an attitude of gratitude and finding the silver lining is really critical when life happens! Glad that you were ok!