Great Questions To Ask During An Interview

Do you have any questions for me?

These are the infamous words you hear after EVERY interview. And yes...the interviewer is absolutely expecting you to have questions.

It took a bit of trial and error to gather the right set of questions I like to ask during an interviewer. My questions are based from personal experiences in the workplace and a few keynotes that are important to me in choosing an employer. Don't be timid or afraid to ask questions. Just as they're interviewing you, you're interviewing them as well.

You want to be sure that taking the position will be win/win. So go ahead. Ask those questions.

Here are my favorite questions to ask:

Can you describe what a typical day in this role looks like?
I like to ask this question because it gives an idea of what your day at work would look like. Will you start off with a team meeting each morning? Do you have multiple things to sign off on before diving into your own work? Are you hitting the floor running as soon as you get into work?

Can you describe how one is brought up to speed in this position?
This may not be a big one for some, but it is for me. I am particular about my training because I am very particular about my performance. I like to know what their expectations are when it comes to making sure I am acclimated to the company and the demands of the position. Am I going to be thrown to the wolves or will I be studying Powerpoint presentations?

What are the expected hours?
This can be meshed with question #1 as well. However, this opens the conversation for how often one may be expected to work overtime or if there are any flexibility in the hours.

What are some challenges the company/department are currently facing?
I've been in the position where I got hired during one of the most challenging times for a company. They were undergoing reconstruction which meant a lot of people were being either fired, demoted, or transferred into doing something else. I like to ask this question so I'm not caught off upon walking through the doors.

What are the next steps proceeding the interview?
It's nice to have a general timeline of when the employer anticipates making a decision for the position. They may have a heaping of other candidates to get through or if selected, you may have to interview with the CEO before being hired. This questions lets you know what their process is for hiring.

Did I miss any? What are your favorite questions to ask?


  1. Great tips! I’ll have to share them with my 20 year olds for their next interview!

  2. What are the next steps proceeding the interview? It’s anaz how afraid people are to ask this question. You have provided great tips for anyone looking to change their career or obtain a new position. It’s slways best to know what to expect next. I totally agree.

    1. Absolutely! I think people have forgotten that they are not only interviewing you, but you are interviewing them as well.

  3. Thanks for sharing this, this will come in handy soon.