How To Ace Your Next Phone Interview

So you filled out the application, submitted your resume, and got the call to schedule a phone interview. Great! That means your one step closer to getting your dream job. Some may think it's just a phone interview, nothing to it. However, phone interviews should be looked at as a screening before a company would even bother to meet with you face to face. That phone interview is absolutely important.

What exactly is a phone interview? Well, it's pretty self explanatory. Usually,  a recruiter scans your resume and if they feel your qualifications match what they are seeking, you will receive a phone call to screen a bit further if you'd be a great match.

A phone interview is usually before meeting your potential employer or, depending on the location, it could very well be the actual interview if the position is remote. Either way, a phone interview should not be taken lightly because it's not in person.

How to ace a phone interview?

Do your research
You always want to research the company that you will be potentially working for. Know your stuff and understand what the role would entail. Gain an understanding of what the company stands for, their morals, and future goals. Usually, the company will list on their website its mission statement. But if not there, you can always pull from their social media sites to get a feel of what the company represents.

Schedule a Time and Place Where It's Quiet
It can be a bit distracting to have construction noise going off during your interview. Schedule a time in which you're free and a place where it's typically quiet. This will help the recruiter hear you and will avoid any distractions on your end as well.

Have Your Answers Ready
Sometimes it's difficult to know what questions you'll be asked for sure. But you can nearly bet that you will be asked the same usual questions
*Tell me about yourself
*Why do you want this role
*Why do you feel you'd be a great match for this position
The more prepared you are, the less likely you are to stumble.

Get Dressed Up
This may raise the question in mind...why? Would you go to a face to face interview in your pajamas? I wouldn't recommend doing it for a phone interview either. Getting dressed up will prevent you from being too lax during your interview. You don't have to wear a full suit. But at least take the time to make yourself presentable. You wouldn't want to convey that you were binge watching your favorite show on Netflix before jumping on for the interview.

Know Who's Making The Call
Some recruiters may give instructions for you to call in to a specific number, and some may call you. Gain an understanding of who will be making the first contact so that you're ready.

Give Yourself Time 
If your interview is scheduled for 1 PM, I'd recommend giving yourself 10 minutes before your phone interview. This not only gives you a moment to get to your quiet place, but it also gives you time to ensure your phone is fully charged and in great reception to receive the call. It will also show the interviewer that you were expecting their call, and not preoccupied with other things.

Have Your Questions Ready
You'd want to make sure you have a list of your own questions ready. Some recruiters may be limited to any questions that digs a bit further into the role once hired. You can reserve these questions for the manager. But, you can utilize this time to learn more about the hiring process and what's to expect next.

Thank Them
Don't forget to thank the recruiter for taking time out of their day to chat with you. This shows how appreciative you are for the opportunity and that you're truly looking forward to progressing in the process. You can send them an email or write a thank you note. Either will show the effort made and will stand out.

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