What to Do When You're Bored with Your Job

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When you've been employed with a company for at least three years, you find yourself in a place where you're familiar with the day to day responsibilities. You already know what happens on a bad day. You already know what happens on a slow day. You already know what happens when things are up in the air. It becomes routine, tedious, and boring.

Where's the excitement? Where's the rush you once felt when you first started working there? Well, it happens when you've been employed with the same company for some time.

I'm willing to bet when you were first hired, there was so much to learn that you were always on your toes. There was a plethora of information to consume, and it kept you occupied. But just with anything new, the shine begins to dull. You're up to speed on all there is to know, and now it just feels like you're going through the motions.

Eventually, your responsibilities can feel mundane. You don't feel challenged, and you want to find something that will stimulate your brain for eight hours a day. For some millenials, you begin to think this is a sign to move on. You get that itch to begin looking for a new job so you can feel that excitement once more. But I can tell you now, that the job hunt is real and hard. Before you start submitting resumes, consider this.

Learn Something New
Can you say that you understand EVERYTHING there is to know about your job? Do you know what Billy three cubicles away works on? Do you know what Jan in accounting does? If you can't answer that with a yes, you do not know everything.

Take this time to learn a new skill or task on your job. Inquire about possibly shadowing others in the company to gain a thorough understanding of how your company functions. Cross training is an essential step that shows a genuine interest in the company. It could also potentially place you as runner-up if ever a position or promotion were to become available.

Take a look at your work station. When's the last time you've given it a good cleaning? I recently checked out my work space and realized I had documents and old emails from when I first started. Giving those old documents a good purge could present new tasks you can look into that may have been problematic in the past.

Create a Networking Group
Creating a small community within your workplace will open the doors for many other opportunities. You can establish a relationship with coworkers that could potentially come in handy later down the line. You'd be amazed to see what goals your colleagues may have, and how you may be able to contribute to them and vice versa.

Make a Pitch
This can vary depending on the field you work in, but a lot of careers can come about when you create them. What does your company need? What is missing? What is something that can be implemented into your role? Making a pitch for a new role could bring about a brand new position. One that you can make your own and can start fresh without having to leave your company.

What To Do When You Are Bored With Your Job


  1. Great ideas... Funny to read this as I am bored at the moment and commenting on your blog hahaha

  2. Such fantastic advice!! Especially about forming a group - building good relationships always helps.


  3. I love the idea of making a pitch. My hubby has so many great ideas but is always too afraid to take the leap and speak up! I'll tell him you said so! haha

    1. LOL You can totally tell him I said to do it. Seriously, he may find the perfect career for himself in his pitch

  4. Great tips here. When i was bored, i developed a writing skills when i had read a lot of books.