5 Life Skills Every Woman Should Have

1. How to sew on a button 
I remember working for Ann Taylor Outlet store during college. One day we had a customer try on a pair of pants, and the button had popped off. My Store Manager said, "Oh man, a perfectly good pair of pants. Guess we should write a damage ticket for it." I grabbed those pair of pants, and I sewed the button back on. My Store Manager was so impressed that I fixed it, and even admitted that she didn't think to sew it back on. Although a small skill, one that came in handy at that moment.

2. How to prepare at least one signature dish
I'm not a top chef, but I do have a signature dish I can go to whenever I want to really impress some people. I make a pretty mean Garlic Lemon Alfredo. In fact, it was the first meal I prepared for my husband when we were just dating.

3. How to check your tire pressure and put air in it
I can admit that anything car related is beyond me. If ever I had an issue with my car my father or my hubby is the person I call to. But learning to do small things for yourself like check your tire pressure is handy. My husband explained to me what I should be looking for if ever my tires a little low on air. That way, I know what to do next time around.

4. How to properly send a professional email
This skill is pretty universal, but knowing how to properly send a professional email speaks volumes for the boss chick. It shows that you understand how to properly address someone. It shows that you understand how to communicate, and articulate what you need. It shows that you know how to get ish done.

5. How to manage your finances
Done are the days of depending on anyone to take care of your finances. Understanding where you stand financially is HUGE. Knowing how money moves in and out of your home is something you should definitely master. Create a budget that will keep you on track with your expenses. That way, you won't need to rely on anyone else to do it for you.

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