How To Get Over An Argument With Your Partner

You and your partner are going to get into arguments. There. I said it. There really isn't any way around that fact. It is very rare for two individuals to come together and not disagree on something at some point of their joint lives. But the biggest hurdle, is learning how to get over whatever you're arguing about.

I confess. I have had my moments where I held onto an argument for far longer than I should have. I would walk around thinking I'm teaching my husband a lesson because he got the silent treatment. In the end, it caused much more frustration stomping around all angry days later than necessary.

When you hold onto an argument, you're letting the issue fester. It grows, and it begins to spiral into something new that wasn't there to begin with. So here's what you should try:

Give Each Other Space
Take a breather. Give one another a few minutes to collect yourself and try again. Sometimes it helps to calm yourself down before diving into an argument hot. Once you've calmed down, you find that you're able to hear your parner better and understand their perspective.

Hold Hands
I know this one sounds weird, but it works. The idea of touching your partner when you're angry may sound as if you're adding fuel to the fire, but making yourself see past the argument to hold hands forces you to calm yourself down.

Take Turns
When you argue, you tend to talk over one another. In the end, neither of you are hearing what the other is saying. Take turns speaking. That gives you the opportunity to clear the air, explain your side of the situation without any interruptions or yelling.

This can be a hard one. It's hard to apologize if you don't see where you contributed to the argument. But either way, you hurt your partner and that's something to be apologetic about. Be the bigger person and accept that you played a role into the disagreement as well and apologize.

Once you've apologized, forgive your partner. Agree that you are able to accept that there was a misunderstanding and that you're ready to move past it. This is a joint effort and both of you has to agree that all is forgiven once you've understood what created the argument from the beginning.


  1. Apologizing is so important in relationships. Arguments are going to happen but how you resolve them says a lot about your future!

    1. Absolutely! Apologize and acknowledge where you played a part so that you can move forward.

  2. This is a beautiful post that we need to remember. Knowing when I am wrong and forgiving is important to me.