Amazing Juices To Try

I'll admit. I'm still fairly new to the juicing game. I got a juicer for Mother's Day, and I've been hooked since!

Having a juicer has helped me to consume more fruits and vegetables in one sitting. The benefits of juicing is basically that your body is able to absorb more nutrients directly, and gives your body a break from having to digest all of the fiber. Yes, when juicing you are extracting more of the nutrients from the juice but not the fiber. But no need to worry. Unless you're lacking fiber regularly in your diet, this shouldn't be a problem.

Pictured above are two of my favorite juices to create. I will often use these as a meal replacement for breakfast or lunch, or if I find myself wanting a quick pick me up in between meals.

Mean Green Juice
I'll admit. It's taken me a while to get used to the taste of green juice. Definitely acquired over time. They aren't the most palatable, but the more you drink it the better it gets. Eventually, you'll find what works best to offset the bitter taste of spinach or other leafy greens added to your juice. Here's what I used:

2 handfuls of spinach
4 stalks of celery
1/2 of lemon
1 green apples

The apples and lemon definitely help to balance out the flavors of the green juice. But trust me, this juice will leave you feeling hydrated. It's als rich in iron.

Happy Orange Juice
I like to call this my Happy Orange Juice because it is literally my favorite juice. It was the first juice I made that I was truly impressed with, and it's been a staple ever since. Here's what I used:

1 grapefruit
1 navel orange
5 whole carrots

What I love the most about this juice is the sweet and sour combination. The sweetness from the apple along with the citris taste of the grapefruit just makes this juice amazing. Truly my favorite.

If you're interested in trying out some juices, Pinterest and Youtube have great recipes.

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