Savory Lentil Loaf

I wanted to share with you all what I had to eat for lunch while at work.

Savory Lentil Loaf

I have been craving a savory meal lately, and this seemed to be the perfect dish to cure my craving. Sometimes lunch consists of whatever I prepared for dinner the night prior which just so happened to be lentil loaf or a meatless version of meatloaf. 

What I like about lentil loaf is although it doesn't have your usual ground beef or turkey, the lentils give it such a meaty consistency that makes it such a great alternative. Not to mention, a great replacement for protein. I didn't use much to prepare it. I don't have the measurements for each ingredient. I generally tend to just eyeball or apply to my liking.

Here's what I used for the Lentil Loaf:

Tri-Color quinoa
McCormick Meat Loaf Seasoning
Plain Bread Crumbs
Hunts Ketchup

Preparing this dish is pretty simple. I cooked the quinoa and lentils, allowed for both to cool for a bit before smashing the mixture into a "ground" texture. If you have a food processor, this works just as well. I then added in the meat loaf seasoning along with some plain bread crumbs, and mix together. I add my mixture into a dish and placed into my oven. My oven was set to 375°. The loaf cooked for nearly thirty minutes. I took the lentil loaf out and applied the ketchup to the top. I placed the loaf back into the oven and allowed the ketchup to stick to the top for nearly 10 minutes.

To compliment this loaf, I decided to have collard green and roasted potatoes.

For the greens, I wish I could say that I prepared this myself but I actually purchased it out of a can. I used the Savory brand or canned collard greens, but you can always opt to buy the collards raw or purchase them already chopped/frozen.

UPDATE: Savory Canned Greens uses a pork broth to season its food. I was not aware of this upon purchase. Lesson learned to read the labels to EVERYTHING. If vegetarian/veganI would not recommend this product. 

The roasted potatoes were also prepared beforehand. I purchased these from Walmart in their frozen vegetables section. The potatoes were already seasoned with basil, garlic, and parsley. All I had to do was simply place into a pot and allow the potatoes to warm up. 
Savory Lentil Loaf

A rather simple yet filling and satisfying. 

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