Vegetarian Weekly Grocery Haul

Once a week, I go grocery shopping for my family. We've found it to be easier to grab a few things once a week as opposed to making purchases to last for an extended period of time.

In the past, we'd buy enough groceries to last us for one month. The good part was that it gave us some time in between having to grocery shop. The down side was that we were wasting food. We would over purchase and find that by the time we were ready to eat certain foods, it had went bad.

Therefore, weekly trips has helped us to stick to a budget and gives us a better gauge of what we'd need to last for a week.

I go grocery shopping at Walmart. It's literally five minutes away from our home and super convenient. I enjoy utilizing their grocery app that allows me to select my items, purchase, and schedule a time for pickup the following day. It's very seldom that I am not taking advantage of this perk. It's helped making errand much simpler.

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For this week, I got a variety of items. I was in the mood for a garden salad, and sloppy joes. Here's what we got:

green beans
frozen broccoli
navel oranges
red onion
extra firm tofu
bell peppers
meatless grounds
spinach salad mix
*Not pictured are eggs, bread, and milk.

Surprinsingly, we still had a few items from the previous week which helped lower our spending for this week. I also like to pick up some random items in case my family is in the mood for something different. In this case, I picked up some tofu, broccoli, and green beans. I could always create a tofu stir fry with the remaining rice that we had the previous week.

I like to pick up carrots and oranges as I use those heavily when I create my juices. Will keep you all updated on the meals that come from this haul.

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