Zesty Pasta Salad

It's Labor Day weekend and you know what that means...Cookouts!!

Whenever I get invited to a gathering, I like to have something to bring. There's just something about coming over to a party empty handed that makes me feel guilty. Should I bring wine? Should I bring a dish? Should I bring dessert?

My go-to item to bring to any cookout or social gathering is my Zesty Pasta Salad.

Before becoming a vegetarian, I used to make this dish all the time including several meats. I would add pepperoni slices, shrimp, and diced ham. It was always a hit. Initially, I didn't know how to spice up my pasta salad without meat. It took some experimenting, but I finally figured it out.

-Garden Rotini Noodles
-Zesty Italian Salad Dressing
-Red Onions
-Mrs. Dash Original Blend Seasoning

-In a pot of water, bring noodles to a boil until they are tender. Drain your noodles once complete cooked.
-Dice your cucumbers, tomatoes, and red onions into small chunks.
-In a large bowl combine your noodles and vegetables together. Add the Zesty Italian Salad Dressing until your desired taste or evenly coated.
-Sprinkle on top the Mrs. Dash Original Blend seasoning mix.
-Set salad in fridge to cool.

What I love the most about this pasta salad is that it's so darn easy to make. The most work you'll put into making this dish is dicing up your vegetables.

The Mrs. Dash seasoning gives this pasta salad that extra kick and flavor that meat used to give this dish. It has several spices included and is packed with lots of flavor.

I've seen several recipes use a variety of different salad dressings, but the Zesty Italian is by far my favorite. I love that garlic, lemon, and vinegar flavors. Give a try. This will surely be a hit at any cookout or social gathering for your Labor Day.


  1. I LOVE pasta salad. It's so easy to make and serve for BBQ's and cookouts.

  2. Ok now I'm hungry! Great recipe idea!

  3. Love the flavors going on in this pasta salad!!

  4. This looks amazing for a hot fall day!! I can't wait to try it!

  5. I love me some pasta salad! Would be perfect for a labor day cookout!