Black Bean Stuffed Sweet Potato

I confess. I never explored eating sweet potatoes outside of a pie or fries. Sweet potato pie, sweet potato fries, and maybe just a plain baked sweet potato with sugar and butter. But NEVER have I ever thought I can eat sweet potato with other things.

Being a vegetarian has forced me to explore other ways to eating vegetables. I have to keep exploring other ways to eating vegetables or else...this journey won't last very long. Stuffed black bean sweet potatoes came about out of boredom and wanting to mix it up a bit. I took a look in my pantry and found that I had sweet potatoes, canned black beans, and canned corn.

This was a simple recipe for lunch that didn't require a ton of ingredients to prepare. I used my crockpot to make this, but you can always microwave or throw your potatoes in the oven to bake them. I used one can of black beans and corn, which allowed me to fill 5 sweet potatoes.

The great thing about this recipe, and probably like most of my other recipes, is that you don't need specific measurements on what to include. Just throw it all in there. As always, I rarely use a lot of seasonings like salt and pepper on my meals. The only extra I used for this were cilantro and cinnamon.

Black Bean Stuffed Sweet Potato

-5 Sweet Potatoes
-Canned Corn
-Canned Black Beans
-Sprinkle of Shredded Cheese
-Sprinkle of Cinnamon
-Sprinkle of parsley

-Using a crockpot on high, allow your sweet potato to cook through. It took about an hour for my sweet potatoes to become fully tender
-Rinse and drain your black beans. Bring to a pot with your canned corn and allow to warm up over the stove top
-Add your parsley and cinnamon to the black beans and corn. Season to your liking
-Allow sweet potatoes to cool once fully tender. You can split down the middle cutting it into halves (or you can leave it whole but cutting just a small slit to not cut through the potato) taking a fork to create a mashed potato filling
-Add your black bean mixture to the sweet potato and stir again to combine the sweet potato, corn, and black bean
-Sprinkle shredded cheese on top to your liking

Black Bean Stuffed Sweet Potato

Simple right? And although it may not look like or even sound like a great combination, it turned out amazing. It was fulling, and kept me fueled for most of the afternoon. I felt energized after eating this meal, and was glad that I had plenty more to have for later.

Give it a try!

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