Vegetarian Buffalo Chicken Salad

I have a confession. I've never been one to eat a salad without meat in it. I needed meat. I needed chicken strips, ham chunks, bacon bits. I needed it! If it didn't have meat in it, I needed croutons or something else to bulk it up. But boy oh boy...I have come a long way.

I've sampled a few of the plant based meat options before on salads, and nothing seemed to stick until I got the Morning Star Farm's Buffalo Chik Patties. Ok. These are originally designed for a "chicken-like" sandwich, but I liked the taste and flavor of it so much that I found myself chopping it up into little cubes and adding it to my salad.

Vegetarian Buffalo Chicken Salad

This salad was so amazing you guys! It is probably my favorite salad mixture. The best part is that I only used four ingredients, not including the dressing. The chik patty is the perfect topping to this salad because it gives the salad that spicy buffalo kick that I love so much.

Serving Size: 1 serving

Buffalo No Chicken Garden Salad

You can add as much or as little to this recipe. I did not include specific amounts
  • Morning Star Farm's Buffalo Chik Patties
  • Organic Spring Salad Mix
  • Grape Tomatoes
  • Red's Hot Buffalo Sauce
  • Take one of the Morning Star Farm's Buffalo Chik Patties, and follow instructions for heating as found on the package. 
  • Once patty is finished, take a small teaspoon and add Red's Hot Buffalo Sauce to both sides of the patty. Be sure to spread so that it overs the patty. 
  • Cut patty into small little chunks
  • In a large bowl or plate, take a large handful of your salad mix. 
  • Dice up your grape tomatoes and add over top of your salad bed
  • Add in your chicken cubes over salad
  • Add salad dressing of your choice. I went with ranch. 

A salad is literally what you make it. It doesn't always have to be the usual lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumbers. You can add nuts. You can add fruit. You can add seeds. Good salads are usually the ones that are insanely colorful. But, I can't lie....I still need something that has a meaty texture.

A Buffalo Chicken Salad doesn't exactly stand out as the healthiest option for a salad, but I like to think that as long as I'm getting a ton of leafy greens it works. If you want more bulk, you can add some crumbled bleu cheese or a boiled egg. You can add cucumbers, carrots, or whatever else tickles your fancy. Have fun with this!

Vegetarian Buffalo Chicken Salad

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