About Me

Hi! I'm Rhonda, and welcome to my blog.

If you've been following me for a while, then you know that my blog has covered a variety of things in the past. However, I decided to take a different route and rebrand my site to documenting my journey as a vegetarian.

I'm still pretty new to this. I decided to become a vegetarian in January 2018.

Although I'm on my way to having this pretty down, I'm still learning a lot along the way. I am truly enjoying this journey, and it has encouraged me to share with others what I'm learning as I dive in.

What you'll find here are simple recipes, some tips I learned along the way, and how I'm coping during this new experience. I'm what I consider a lazy vegetarian. Meaning, if it's going to take me all day to prepare or I have to buy a ton of ingredients in order to make it, I tend to stray away from that recipe. It can be overwhelming and even discouraging starting this journey only to find recipes that have so much you have to have available in order to make. You won't find much of that here.

Aside from my food preferences, I am wife and a mom. And when I'm not blogging, I work full-time at a museum. A woman of many hats you can say!

I hope you enjoy my blog. Get in touch with me at iamrhondajames@gmail.com.

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