James Family Photo Shoot

Tuesday, March 26, 2019
For so long, I've been wanting my family to take professional photos. And I don't mean inside of a photo studio with a basic backdrop at Portrait Innovations. I mean with a photographer following you around and capturing such candid moments. I wanted photos that represented my family and captured the stage we're at in our life. 

We chose to do our photoshoot through Kelly Miles Photography. She's located here in the Charleston area and was recommended in a mommy group on Facebook. 

After checking out her portfolio and reading through her reviews, I felt absolutely certain I wanted to book our session with her. She was super friendly, timely, and did such an amazing job working with Liam. I was initially concerned that our photoshoot could go to the left due to Liam getting antsy. We booked her services for an hour, and asking a two-year-old to keep still for an hour to take photos can be quite trying. But, she was able to capture such awesome photos of Liam even in moments where he was becoming jittery. 

We took our photos at the Riverfront Park in Charleston. It's a very nice area and has a lot of scenic backgrounds that worked perfectly for our shoot. 

Her pricing is quite fair as well. I was worried that by choosing to book a session with a photographer outside of a studio could be costly, but it was perfectly within budget. Her pricing changes based upon the location of your shoot and the length of your session. 

These, of course, aren't all of the photos we received from our session. But, I definitely wanted to share my favorites. 

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