Two Years Ago We Bought a House

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

This time last year, Leo and I made the decision to purchase our first home. Sometimes it still feels surreal. Even as I'm pulling into the garage and opening the door, I'm truly amazed at just how much God has blessed us.

Prior to purchasing our home, we lived in a three-bedroom apartment. We loved our apartment. But, like most apartment complexes, you begin to outgrow them. We no longer liked being able to hear our neighbors thumping around upstairs or to hear our neighbors arguing in the middle of the night. Not to mention, we hated the reeking smell of weed that poured into our apartment. That wasn't good for our newborn baby.

It was time to move. It was a huge leap for me, but I followed Leo's lead.

I honestly never really thought about the day I would be closing on my own house. I imagined that one day it would happen, but I didn't picture it. I didn't even know what kind of house I liked. I just knew I wanted a two-story home with a nice kitchen.

Leo and I found an amazing realtor that was understanding of what we wanted in our first home. Being a family of three, we didn't require anything large but wanted something spacious. I love an open floor plan, and of course...a backyard for Liam to play when he gets older. 

Looking back I have no regrets. If I had to choose a starter home today I would choose this very home. I still love our home just as much as I did when we first viewed it. It's become the perfect home for Liam to grow and the perfect home for building such early memories for him. 
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