HomeTeam BBQ Restaurant Review

Wednesday, July 17, 2019
It was a couple of weeks ago when I did my first installment of restaurant reviews on the site. You all seemed to enjoy it. You guys were very excited about Vicious Biscuit. So, I decided we’re going to keep these restaurant reviews going.

As you all know, aside from blogging I do work a full-time job. On this week in particular, my team decided to have a team lunch and they chose no other than Home Team BBQ. I will be honest in saying that this wasn’t my top pick.

 With a name such as Home Team BBQ I imagined nothing more being served outside of your obvious barbeque menu. Ribs, burgers, pulled pork sandwich, and maybe a side salad. As always, I like to search for a menu before going to any restaurant and I will admit…I didn’t see anything on the menu except a salad.

But, because it’s a team lunch I joined everyone anyway. The plus side is that Home Team BBQ is pretty flexible with their menu. You can always substitute any meat with black beans or cauliflower. On this day, I actually lucked out because they were serving Cauliflower Tacos.

HomeTeam BBQ Restaurant Review

HomeTeam BBQ Restaurant Review

Before I get into the food, let me share the feel of the restaurant.

I wasn’t a fan of the location. Home Team has three locations in the Charleston area and we went to the downtown Charleston location. Parking is scarce around lunch time. You will have to park on the side roads and walk to the restaurant. Pretty standard for Charleston. However, there aren’t too many side streets to accommodate the amount of traffic this restaurant gets. You may likely have to walk a few blocks away.

As far as spacing, we found that this location wasn’t too fond of reserving spots for a large party ahead of time. In other words, our team waited 30-40 minutes before getting some tables available to seat the 10 of us that were there. Not to mention, it took another 40 minutes or so before our food was served. Good thing our job is flexible on time.

Now back to the food.

While my coworkers chowed down on burgers and meat platters (I have nothing against any) I took a bite of my neatly plated Cauliflower Tacos and…it was OK.

HomeTeam BBQ Restaurant Review

The tacos come with pan fried cauliflower seasoned with a cinnamon like rub on a corn tortilla. The menu doesn’t list specifically what was included in the rub, but it had a sweet kick to it. It also came topped with pumpkin seeds and mashed cannellini beans.

The reason I rated this as “OK” is because I felt it needed something else. I love a messy taco. I love a lot of sauce. The cauliflower tacos just didn’t have that. Even though it was seasoned in a cinnamon/barbeque rub, I was expecting something a bit more saucier. I will say that I did enjoy the texture I got from having the pumpkin seeds and mashed beans added.

You get two tacos per serving. This was filling enough for me, but if you’re someone with a big appetite you may want to order two servings. These were fairly cheap. I didn’t pay more than $6 for it.

I didn’t have a chance to dabble into their cocktails and other specialized drinks, but I wouldn’t mind going back to see what their night light looks like.
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