OxyFresh Nutrition Vibe Protein Powder Review

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Oxyfresh Nutrition Vibe Protein Powder Review

As you all know, I love me a good smoothie. I've shared several here on this blog. However, I've never added a protein mix to any of my smoothies before.

Truthfully, I thought adding protein to a smoothie made it more of a "workout shake". I wasn't working out. I just wanted a great combination of my favorite fruits and vegetables. However, when Oxyfresh Nutrition reached out I found that not all protein mixes are used as a pre/post workout additive.

Oxyfresh sent over their Vibe Pea Protein powder in the flavor of vanilla. This Vegan friendly mix is the perfect meal replacement and offers a full serving of 7 nutrient dense greens. You have kale, collards, spinach, cabbage, cilantro, broccoli, and watercress. It's rich in antioxidants, amino acids, and Omega-3s; all essential for proper bodily functions and boosting your immune system. 

I did a quick overview of this protein powder to see what others had to say about it, and I saw tons of great reviews.  I wanted to be sure that if I was going to vouch for this I would enjoy it as well. 

  • I definitely felt full after having one smoothie. Typically with my other smoothies, I require a snack in between. But, by adding the Oxfresh Vibe to my smoothie I didn't require another meal until later in the afternoon. 
  • I felt energized. I didn't feel drained or tired by midday. I actually felt in great spirits and ready to move. 
  • The taste is quite good. Vanilla is a pretty subtle flavor so it wasn't too overpowering. 
  • It's Vegan friendly. It uses a pea protein instead of an animal-based protein.

  • There is a bit of a grainy consistency. I'm not sure if with this protein powder it requires blending a bit longer to eliminate that texture. But, eventually, I did get used to it
  • It's a little too sweet for my liking. Some may find it a perfect balance between vanilla and sweetness. But unlike my other smoothies where I use orange juice or almond milk, I actually prefer to just use water on this one. 

Oxyfresh Nutrition Vibe Protein Powder Review

I really enjoyed this product and plan to use it again. I've already used more than half of the container. It's for sure given me a reason to dabble into more smoothie recipes for you guys and to share them with you all. 

For this smoothie here, I just used a frozen berry mix purchase from my local grocery store. I added 1 cup of water, 1 scoop of the Vibe protein powder, and blended it all together. In the short time frame, I've already begun to notice such positives from using this product. 


  1. This sounds great, I'm looking for a new protein powder so I'll give this a go, I probably won't mind the grainy texture either

    1. Yeah the texture isn't too bad. The taste is still great

  2. We use smoothies and protein powders daily, I will look for this one!

  3. This sounds like really great stuff, I love smoothies in the morning they are so filling when they fruit an veg and protein

  4. Sounds like a great product. Will have to check this out. If it'll give me glowing skin like yours I need to try it ;)

  5. I'm a huge fan of pea protein shakes myself!

    1. Definitely give it a try. I'm amazed how much I liked it.



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