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5 Toddler Friendly YouTube Channels

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

YouTube has become a very popular platform for preschool and toddler friendly programs. Truth be told, a few of these channels really helped Liam developmentally. 

We believe that if we're going to offer screen time, it may as well be educational. Since Liam was a baby, we began introducing channels that focused on teaching the essentials for child development. Essentials such as ABCs, numbers, colors, shapes, and other cognitive learning concepts. 

These YouTube channels came in handy as well because we didn't have cable. For families that may not have access to other streaming platforms, YouTube is an amazing substitute. 

Leo and I are always very careful of what videos Liam has access to while on YouTube. Although an awesome platform, there are some videos out there that we obviously wouldn't want our little one to land on. It's best to either install some parental controls or be present with your child as they're scrolling through. Overall, we love seeing Liam's growth from these programs and highly recommend it. 

Here are 5 Toddler Friendly YouTube Channels for Education and Learning

CocoMelon (formerly known as ABC Kids TV)

I have to start this list off with one of the more popular channels. Nearly every parent I've met is familiar with CocoMelon. This channel is such a fun channel that offers sing-a-longs, nursery rhymes, and simply encourages the little one to move and dance while learning. 

BabyFirst TV

Liam loved this channel when he was a baby. It's filled with so many bright colors. It teaches the ABCs, numbers, colors, offers a few programs that tap into cognitive learning. 


This channel was the first YouTube channel we introduced to Liam. What I love about this channel is that it is very infant and toddler focused. It hosts a ton of learning programs with shows that Liam to this day still enjoys watching. I must say this channel helped him with identifying numbers, and shapes.


Originator Kids

Out of all of the channels, this one is my absolute favorite. I stumbled on this video while searching for a channel that teaches sight words. This channel not only goes through the letters but also teaches words that start with the letter. It's been very helpful now that Liam is beginning to read and be able to recognize some of the very words that he sees on this channel. 

I have to admit that this channel is very different in comparison to the others listed, but Liam loves it. It's still bright colors, numbers, and shapes...but with trucks! If your child is anything like mine and enjoys trucks they will surely love learning while seeing their favorite truck across the screen. 

Mothering During a Pandemic

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Just a few days ago, my job sent an email letting us know that due to the potential dangers of COVID-19, all employees were to work remotely until further notice. I have to admit, that although we've been hearing the buzz of the steadily growing numbers of those infected by the coronavirus, a part of me was shocked to hear that as a country we were at this point. 

My initial fear was thinking about my son. The idea of possibly getting infected and putting my son in danger of this terrifying virus. So, we're abiding by government rules and socially distancing ourselves. 

That means no more visits to the park. That means avoiding taking him to the stores or anywhere public. That means wearing masks and constantly washing our hands. That means whatever I feel it may take to protect myself and my family. Because even though we're in a pandemic, it doesn't stop me from still being a mother. 

The challenges I face with being a mother during a pandemic is trying to relay to my son why we can't do things in the same capacity as we used. He's only thee. So, he doesn't understand why he's not allowed to get out and about like we normally would on a Saturday. He doesn't understand why he has to stay home with daddy even though he wants to do a grocery run with mom. It's a sad reality, but one that has hit us like a ton of bricks. 

I've been doing my best to find new ways to keep him busy during the day. Pinterest has introduced me to new ways of incorporating fun and education for him, but even still...he yearns to be around other kids. 

These times have been so challenging and taking it all in has been extremely overwhelming. Reading over the stats and hearing the numbers of those that have lost their lives to this virus makes me fight even harder to protect my family. 

Mothering during a pandemic isn't something I thought I would be saying. But for all the mothers out there, I'm here with you.