About Me

Hi! I’m Rhonda, and welcome to my blog!!

​I'm your average 30 something year old wife and mom from Charleston, SC. I'm a huge foodie and decided to blog about my journey with food. What you'll find here are simple, inexpensive, easy meals.

I started my blog site in January 2018 when I decided to dabble into vegetarianism. I wanted to give eating meat a break and committed to it for a little over a year. But, I found it difficult to find inexpensive recipes that were easy to follow and didn't require a crap ton of ingredients.

I chose to share the food options I created in hopes that it may be a good starting point for others interested in Meatless Mondays or just looking for a beginner friendly meatless meal.

​I'm not a chef or professional nutritionist, but I like to think that I do pretty good with feeding my family.

​When I'm not blogging I work full time as a Data Analyst with a software company. I enjoy spending time with amazing husband Leo, and active toddler Liam. On days that I'm too lazy to cook, you can find me trying out new hotspots here in Charleston which I will occasionally include a review.

​I hope you all enjoy following the journey.
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