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DIY At Home Salon Nails

Tuesday, September 22, 2020
DIY At Home Salon Nails

Can I tell you guys a secret? I don't get my nails done at the salon. 

I've never been huge on nail salon visits. Not that I have anything against them. It's just I get bored easily with my nails, and it would be a waste of money for a fresh set only to want them removed after a week or so. Instead, I found that doing my own nails at home has not only saved me money but also gives me that fresh salon look I'm going for. 

Yes. These are press-on nails. 

Remember back in the day when you'd get roasted for wearing press-on nails instead of going to the salons to get your nails professionally done? Well, times have changed. Kiss has created a line of Press-on nails that are pre-designed nails just for your convenience. 

I personally like my nails short, but the Kiss brand offers such a wide variety. You can get them long, short, or medium. They offer coffin shape, stiletto, and my favorite...square. 

In the wake of COVID, press on nails became even more popular as nail salons were temporarily shut down and we ladies needed an alternative to keeping our nails manicured. 

What I like the most about these nails is how easy it is to apply them. 

It literally takes little to no time to put these on. They're beginner friendly and once you find your groove, you won't feel the need to pay $50-$60 when you can just do them yourselves. The package provides step by step directions on how to apply these nails and most kits include a nail file, multiple sizes to fit your nails, and nail glue. 

How To Apply

I like to begin by cutting my real nails very low, making sure my nail is clean, and pushing my cuticle back. 

From there, I find the nails within the set that will fit to my nails. When I find the correct size, it's super easy to find the match as each nail has a number on them. 

I personally like to use the nail file to the surface of my nails. It isn't necessary, but in my mind I feel it helps give the nail glue some friction to my real nails for a better stick. 

I take the nail glue applicator and apply it to the back of the press-on before firmly placing onto my nail. Hold for 10 seconds and move on to the next nail. 

Pretty simple!

Where To Buy

I've found these nails in Walgreens, Walmart, Target, Sally's, and my local beauty supply store. However, I've noticed that Amazon tends to offer more designs as well as the Kiss website

I've been able to make these nails last at minimal 10 days before the nail glue begins to wear off. However, I've had them on for a good two weeks with proper care. 

Give these nails a try and tell me what you think! 

DIY At Home Salon Nails

Our Journey To Positive Spin Trucking, LLC

Wednesday, September 9, 2020


About two years ago, Leo came to me one night and said, "Babe, I want to start my own trucking company."

Now hearing this from Leo isn't surprising. Leo was good for picking up a side hustle to earn a few extra bucks here or there for our family. He's really good at studying a business and figuring out how to master it for himself. I always knew Leo was more of a bigger picture kind of guy, but trucking? That was a new one.

He didn't know where he would begin or what he needed to do to get started, but I could tell after that conversation he would do whatever it would take to learn the ins and outs of starting his own trucking company.

He found an online trucking business class that taught the logistics of what is necessary to purchase your own truck. And through this class, it also broke down key business essentials to consider when getting into this line of work. Leo was initially on the fence about whether or not he wanted to drive the trucks himself or begin a fleet. But through this class, he felt assured that he wanted to manage his own fleet of trucks.

By managing his own fleet he'd be able to stay home with family, continue working with his current job, and still operate his business on the side.

A lot of time and energy went into building this business. There were some long days and even longer nights. There were moments I was even jealous that he couldn't watch a movie or stay up with me because he was glued to his computer screen studying as much information as he could about the world of trucking.

When he was ready to purchase his truck, it was probably the scariest moment for us. It was a huge step in a direction we weren't sure lied ahead. We were taking a leap and hoping everything he learned in his class would guide him through any pitfalls.

Leo for sure ran into some obstacles along the way. It certainly wasn't a smooth breeze purchasing a truck. It's not like going to a car dealership and picking which car you'd like. They're laws and rules that goes into it.

There were moments where Leo would have to take a step back and try again. There were moments where Leo made mistakes and had to figure out where he went wrong. There were moments when we even bumped heads on how to approach handling certain situations.

And here he is now. Positive Spin Trucking, LLC is now live. 

I'm so proud of him. He said it was what he wanted to do and he kept his word. Here's to the start of something big.